About Us

ABOUT THE OWNER (aka “the natural cleaning pro”)

Oh hi there! I’m Prema and All Pure Cleaning is my beloved business.

I’ll tell you something funny, I didn’t always like to clean. It was one of those jobs I dreaded on the weekend when all I wanted to do was relax after a long week working in my corporate job. It’s not that I didn’t like cleaning itself (oh boy, have I always loved making things neat and tidy and sparkling clean again!) but I just didn’t have the time, I mean I could barely find time to cook let alone keep up with the chores around the house. I worked in an office for a big oil & gas company and had a very busy lifestyle (not to mention a huge house). Having a sparkling clean sanctuary was really important to me so I decided to bite the bullet and ask for some help. It was either that or ask for a day off so I could stay on top of the house work, and I didn’t think that would fly with my boss.

I did a lot of research and just couldn’t find any natural cleaners around at the time (it was early 2008 when the whole eco-friendly/organic scene was only just blossoming). All the regular cleaners I contacted just didn’t give me the comfort, security and assurance of a 5 star cleaning service I was looking for. I nearly gave up and then *light bulb moment*, I offered the job to the one person I knew personally who has always done a stand-up job at taking care of a household…  my mother. natural-cleaning-productsIt should come as no surprise that she works for me in the business now all those years later. Hiring someone to help clean my humble abode was the best decision I had ever made. Not only was my house glimmering and fresh when I got home from work, but it left me with time to do other things like study, spend time with my family and RELAX! Oh my, what a luxury.

What I loved most was that I trusted the person who was cleaning. I trusted her to not steal my stuff, to do the job perfectly each time and generally trusted her as a person because she’s so hard-working, caring, warm and welcoming. I vowed to make sure I kept this same feel in my business years later as trust, integrity, warmth and openness are super important to me. I can often take months to find the right people to work with me at All Pure Cleaning because of my high standards and only take on the very best, most enthusiastic, friendly and trustworthy people to the point where they all feel like my family.

Why I started All Pure Cleaning

When I started the business in 2013, because I had completed a small amount of training in Naturopathy and Natural Medicine, trained as a Holistic Health Coach and read every single day about healthy living, I knew natural cleaning was the only way to go. I suffer from dermatitis and react quite badly to harsh chemicals when I go near them, and at the time I owned 2 dogs so I wanted to make sure they too were living in a toxic-free home.

I have used ENJO for as many years as I can remember and have been using essential oils and natural products (not just in cleaning, but on my skin) for many, many years also. It was only natural to go green in my business and share my passion for natural cleaning and essential oils with my loyal clients, team members and friends. I had also seen a gap in the market for trust-worthy, hard-working, natural cleaners for busy professionals.

What makes me a little different to other cleaners

I am not your regular run-of-the-mill cleaner, so when you hire me and my lovely team, you are getting a close-knit group of people who take care of each other and our clients and as an added bonus – we all LOVE to clean! My love for natural living extends far beyond my business… Here are just a few things I love:

  • Yoga: I teach relaxing yoga classes at the beautiful sanctuary ‘Restful Waters‘ in Bedfordale.
  • Meditation: I am a Buddhist student and practice meditation daily.
  • Nature: I live on a 5 acre bush block in the Perth hills with my lovely husband and frequent the pristine beaches of Perth, Western Australia.
  • Animals: Quite often I’ll give my clients’ fur-kiddies a cuddle on arrival and can always be found snuggling up to dogs.
  • People: I LOVE people and I love to support them in their quest for a sparkling clean home, clarity and relaxation as well as helping them live a healthy lifestyle free of stress and toxins.

I believe in the power of natural cleaning and am a little obsessed with pure essential oils to the point where I not only clean with them but I cook with them, diffuse them, pop them in my water and wear them instead of perfumes. I am now a doTERRA essential oil consultant because I love them so much! I live and breathe healthy living and because I understand the benefits of having a sacred space free of stress and harsh chemicals, I believe everyone deserves to have the same.

So that’s what you can expect from me, and from my team at All Pure Cleaning. 🙂

Your local natural cleaning expert,


ABOUT ALL PURE CLEANING (aka “the professional biz bio”)

CleaningAll Pure Cleaning is a small Perth-based cleaning business and are the specialists in non-toxic cleaning. Our philosophy is that the point of cleaning your home or office is not to replace bacteria with toxic chemicals, but to truly clean your beloved space in a safe manner to the highest of standards.

We have attracted a very loyal client base due to our exceptional customer service and our commitment to clean quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality. We understand that cleaning may not be your first priority, so we make it ours! We take pride in what we do, because we love what we do and it shows in the way we leave your place… sparkling clean and immaculate.

Our satisfied clients range from stay-at-home mums in need of a breather, to office dwelling professionals with little time to spare, to busy workplaces in need of a clean reception desk and waiting room. With a full range of cleaning services, All Pure Cleaning gives our clients a chance to sit back, relax and allow the professionals to take over their chores.



When you pick up the phone, you can talk to the owner of All Pure Cleaning (oh hi there, I’m Prema!). We are a homegrown Perth business, committed to our clients, contractors, team members and our community.


Our business culture includes plenty of laughter, fun, positivity and taking care. We bring this attitude into our cleaning. We enjoy our work, we adore our clients and it shows.


We’re obsessed with the details and we never miss a beat: white trim, louvered doors, built-in shelving, marble floors, skirting boards – the list goes on. We have mastered the art of cleaning Perth homes and we can find and remove dust from places you never knew existed.


We opt for environmentally-friendly & non-toxic ways to clean where possible, so you never have to worry about dangerous chemicals that may risk your family’s health. Most cleaning products on the market contain chemical substances that can be harmful to your health. It makes sense to us to clean your home with the safest products and not only are these products safe for you (especially if you suffer from allergies and sensitivities) but they are also safe for your children, your pets AND the environment.


When you call, we answer. When you email, we respond. We are available during business hours to immediately respond to your scheduling needs and questions as we understand that from time to time you may require an urgent clean. We will do everything we can to schedule your clean in on your preferred day and time.


Our cleaners show up on time to clean, never leave before their time is up (we will find something to do or refund you money) and always leave your home immaculate. If we have any issues or concerns we will let you know immediately. We take note of any special requests specific to your home, giving you a customised cleaning every time. Our entire cleaning team is carefully chosen, well-trained, police-cleared and fully insured for your piece of mind.

Contact All Pure Cleaning now to book your regular, end of lease, office or rent inspection clean.

I look forward to working with you to create a beautiful sanctuary for you to come home to each day.